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The Masters Page

Hello and a very warm welcome to Woolmer Forest Lodge's Master's Page.



Allow me to introduce myself and you to the masters page. My name is Elliott. I'm 29 years old and currently reside in Alton, Hampshire.

I have been in masonry for just over 6 years. My inspiration to join masonry was from my father W.bro Murry Port and grand father W.Bro Peter James. From a young age I was always so intrigued to find out where they were going in their matching smart suits and despite my best efforts to unlock the code.. I couldn't ever quite figure out what L.O.I meant!

6 years on since my initiation, deacon and warden offices completed I find myself in the masters chair. An exciting opportunity for me to put my ritual skills to the test and to make a big improvement in my masonic knowledge.

Throughout my year I aim to keep as many things as possible traditional. I would also like to give stewards of the lodge the opportunity to perform parts of the ceremonies and ritual as much as possible as this is so important. Giving them a real taste of what's to come and how to present each piece in the lodge with real feeling and emotion. There is a real difference between reciting ritual with feeling and emphasis than there is with just reciting from the book word by word and I have seen, since my time in Woolmer forest, this being done by every single member every single time. I want to make sure we continue to maintain and uphold that very high standard from the top all the way through to the very newest initiate and long may that continue! 

I'd also like to keep pushing the recruitment side in the search for new members as the future of Woolmer Forest has done and will continue to remain firmly in our hands. We must be active in the way we seek new members and approach those who we think are suitable candidates. The more the merrier but also its vital for keeping our lodge going. 

Brethren, I know we will have a fantastic year I am proud to be master of this lodge and excited to be leading such a talented team of brothers for the next twelve months. 

If you are a guest or potential visitor reading this, I urge you to attend a meeting if you have not attended yet or attend again if you have! You'll be in fantastic hands for the evening and will receive A warm and friendly woolmer forest welcome.

Worshipful Master,
Woolmer Forest Lodge No. 3872



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