We have a lodge of instruction which is open to all freemasons. It is usually held at 19:15 each Monday evening with the exceptions of July, August, December and Bank Holidays.

July 2017, we held our annual Lodge of Improvement Festival, as a tradition of our lodge the current Worshipful Master acts as the candidate and is Initiated.



This year the acting WM was Dib Stevens and his team, the ceremony was as good as any you will see in the Province.

Dib himself Initiated the candidate with complete sincerity and was near word perfect, he should feel very proud of himself.

Justin Ford acted as the senior deacon and expertly escorted the candidate around the floor, his progress in masonry is remarkable. Justin also delivered a word perfect Charge to the Initiate just to top it off!

Ben Mulleady presented the Mode of preparation as good as we have ever heard it delivered, this is even more remarkable as he is a fellow craft and has only been a member for a few months.

Mark Last with Jim Harper acting as DC and ADC kept everything running smoothly, Jim also presented the Working Tools.

We would like to thank John Bradshaw who stood in as Senior Warden, Scott Duffield who stood in as Junior Warden and Stuart Senior as Inner Guard all from Whitehill Lodge.

Special thanks should also go to W Bro's Murry Port and Steve Russell who give up so much of their time to support the Lodge of Improvement and give the benefit of their experience.

Thank you to anyone who hasn't been specifically mentioned and especially all of the Members and Visitors who come and support this festival every year, it would not be the same without you all.