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Welcome to the Charity page. This is just a small insight into some of the Charities that Woolmer Forest Lodge and Freemasons in general support. All Masonic Charities are entirely supported by Freemasons and it is worth mentioning that the Freemasons Grand Charity is the second largest provider of Grants, behind the National Lottery.

Other than family, the next most important thing to a Freemason is Charity. This is at the heart of freemasonry and there are many different charities that are supported by our lodge. For more information on the charities supported by us, please click on the various links on the left of the screen.

Charity is one of the three great principles of Masonry

All Freemasons are encouraged to support Charities, not just by making donations but also by helping and supporting those less fortunate than themselves, this is done through their Lodges, at Provincial level or individually.

When members of the Lodge are initiated into Freemasonry, they are taught that giving freely to Charity is an honourable sentiment, however, it is impressed on all initiates that they should only give what they can comfortably afford, without causing detriment to themselves or their families.


W Bro Steve Russell

Charity Steward